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Michelle, Tammy and Pastor Pat welcome you to our series, Life’s Bend in the Road. We are three people who have battled with cancer and lived to tell our stories. We have worked together for more than two years producing this series that can be used for small groups or individual viewing. You will not only enter into our Life’s Bend in the Road, but you will receive firsthand information that will equip you to effectively speak into someone’s life who has been diagnosed with cancer. If you personally have been diagnosed, then this information is life giving! It’s a must view! We only wish it was there for us, but it’s here for you. Take advantage of the experiences and wisdom contained in the 7 sessions.


Michelle BeckerMichelle Becker – Elma NY

In 2009, at the age of 43, I was given only nine short months to live. I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma which had metastasized into my lymph nodes. I knew God, and I knew that now was the time to fight. A single mom with two young children, ages of 7 and 10, I believed that this was not the time for me to die. With the courage and strength our Heavenly Father gave me, I fought through nine months, hard and long months, of strong chemo until my liver couldn’t tolerate any more, and I had to quit the treatments. Amazingly, the cancer seemed to have gone to sleep…it was in remission!

In 2011, it came back with a vengeance and another round of chemotherapy was required. The growth of tumors continued at a very rapid pace. I had already outlived the nine months initially given to me, and now the doctors had no idea how to stop the rapid spread of tumors in my body. My prayer life and life with God got stronger and stronger every single day. My life was in His hands and I knew it was still not time to give up. The fight for my life, my family, and my purpose in the Kingdom of God began. Doctor’s gave me a 1-5% chance of survival….BUT GOD HAD OTHER PLANS!

In 2012, a brand new immunotherapy for melanoma was released by the FDA. My doctor suggested I try it, and I survived the deadly therapy. Fighting like never before, the cancer is now in remission. The doctors refer to me as the “M” word (miracle).

I live a very full life with my two amazing children. I continue to work as a Sales Consultant and minister consistently with cancer patients across the country to help them through this most difficult bend in the road.

Tammy Castellana – East Aurora NY

When I was 31 years old, I found myself on a bend in the road. This is where I met God and found hope. I underwent multiple surgeries for a tumor on my stomach wall, with a 5 year old and 2 year old son waiting at home for me to recover. Although this was a difficult road to walk, I would not trade this experience for anything in the world. It was through this journey that I found strength, purpose, and a relationship with Jesus.

Ten years later, I found myself at another bend in the road. During this battle, God showed me how to be still and trust in His healing. I now live a cancer free life,  with a fantastic husband by my side, two amazing boys, and a career that I love. I also teach Sunday school at Crossroads Christian church.

It is my desire to help others going through this difficult time and to teach people to be companions to those who need hope.

KleitzPastor Pat – Senior Pastor of Crossroads Christian Church, Elma, NY

At the age of 33, I was first diagnosed with cancer. The fear I experienced drove me to the place of surrendering my life to God. It was the beginning of an amazing journey that led me to Buffalo, New York where my wife and I, along with our 3 children, started a new church plant that is now Crossroads Christian Church.

At the age of 64, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer that led to the discovery of stage 4 bladder cancer. After 4 months of strong chemotherapy and an operation to remove the prostrate and bladder, I am totally cancer free! It’s an amazing journey of trusting the Lord and leaning fully on the prayers and love of those whom I have served for over 25 years. This journey has led to the production of a timely and information loaded series called: “Life’s Bend in the Road.” Along with Michelle and Tammy, we have dedicated 2 years to make this available to so many that are experiencing a bend in life’s road and wondering ….”Now what? How do I help my loved one navigate the fear and life changing diagnosis of cancer or any other life threatening disease?”

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