Small Groups

The Unique Small Group study every church should have in its Library

In the US alone one out of two men will develop cancer and for women the risk is one out of three. Three out of four families will have someone diagnosed with cancer.

In a recent study, 88% of cancer patients said religion was important to them; yet only 47 % said their spiritual needs were met by the church.

Our goal in filming this seven part small group DVD series is to encourage the church to a be a church who meets people at their point of need and offers hope to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or any life threatening disease. When the diagnosis of cancer is first heard, it brings with it overwhelming fear, confusion and uncertainty as to what to do. “Life’s Bend in the Road” is a small group study that will equip everyone to enter into this difficult time, at a bend in the road, and make a difference.
This small group DVD series comes with a 100 page workbook that is designed to stimulate group interaction. There are questions the group is encouraged to answer together along with “take home notes.” The references in the back of the study guide are there to help point people in the right direction when they have been diagnosed with cancer.

There is nothing like this series available for small groups. It is unique, professionally filmed, Biblically based, and very interactive in its approach to this very difficult topic.

The answers are available in this series….

Sermons on Life’s Bend in the Road

  1. Everyone Knows Someone — Helping to instill hope by knowing what to say, what to do, and how to share God’s message.
  2. Fear — Understanding the different ways we deal with fear and knowing God is always with us.
  3. Why Me? — Sharing God’s grace and seeing beyond this difficult question.
  4. Living Life by Statistics — Learning to avoid the statistics and focus on hope.
  5. Treatment Options — Praying, slowing down and getting a second opinion
  6. Caring for Your Body, Mind & Spirit — Understanding how nutrition, exercise and positive attitudes actually support treatment
  7. Practical Help — Seeing that the little things matter – practical help ideas from our current pod cast sermons given at Crossroads Christian Church