“I would have given anything to have this information available to me when I was first diagnosed with cancer! What a great wealth of information. Well done…”


“The session on nutrition really made me realize the importance of giving the body healthy food it can use to fight instead of junk that it has to waste energy on. I also love the recipes and information on how to safely get toxins out of the body in the book”

Terri Hamilton

I was moved by the Treatment session when the Doctors approach was to give so much hope and in his affirmation of cancer patient’s courage.

Donna Payne

This class has changed all of us and I feel that we are now ready to go out there and love and listen and share some things we never would have thought of doing before. God has equipped us and prepared us to gently to intervene in a tragic time when a person is first trying to sort out all of the fears and feelings that go along with a cancer diagnosis.

Marilyn Jackson

“The need for this material to get into everyone’s hands is so great. I’m only beginning to realize how extensive this problem is. Thanks for speaking so clearly about cancer and fear. Just amazing.”


“These sessions will take away the mystery of cancer for the patient, family, and friends.”

Miles Marthinsen

“We learned that each of us are equipped to come alongside of someone facing fear of cancer.”


“The series was very professionally put together.”

Dr. Tim Rasmusson

“I have a friend who was just diagnosed with colon cancer and this series will help me share with him as he goes through surgery and Chemo”

Donna Duchene

“Trusting God in situations like this are difficult, but this really helps. You’re right, there is always hope!”


“Answering the question “Why me?” Begins with emotions, moves to diagnosis; then to second opinions and somewhere in there is a lot of why me. I often ask, “Where is God in all of this? Do I trust Him?” Hard stuff and this session helped me tremendously.”


“We closed our first session with the song “Do Something” by Matthew West: “so I shook my fist at Heaven” and said, “God why don’t you do something?” He said, “I DID… I created you!” I have thought about these lyrics every time I meet someone who has cancer and needs a bit of hope.”


“The conversations in our group were lively and everyone looked inward and did a deep self-evaluation of how they responded to those they know who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

Marty Ruhland

“I felt humbled and it put my own problems into a different perspective.”

Jeff Dickhut

“The message was clear that someday you will look back and call a bad thing, like cancer, a good thing. Especially when you see how God has worked His life through you.”

Loretta Folkman

“People shared their personal experiences and after the tears, fears, and shouts at the Lord, all eventually came to the same conclusion, as believers my life is not my own. I belong to the Master.”

Kim Rasmusson

The sessions that stood out for me was the “How do I help?” session.Those dealing with the disease, be it cancer victim or caregiver will often feel as though they need to go it “on their own”. When asked if they need anything….they often reply that they are fine and in need of nothing. Truth be it…..they are dying inside. The person with the illness may be longing for a visit just to talk…. or the caregiver may love it if someone were to just spontaneously drop a meal off…..however they just aren’t the type of person to take people up on such loving acts of kindness. I love how it was emphasized that we MUST not ask….we must just DO. I now KNOW how to at least approach someone who is faced with this diagnosis. My heart will now take note as to how the people dealing with this storm are truly feeling.

Leah Vandermeulen